About us

IX is a small Computer/Electronics non profit organization that houses in Stockholm.


You can send emails to the board at ix@ufs.se.


There’s a phone in UFS that you can call to. If you want to reach IX it’s best to call during Monday evenings.

The number there is +46 8-10 77 00.

Postal address

To send letters to IX, you can do it to:

C/O Unga Forskare Stockholm
Box 8006
104 20 Stockholm

Visit us

IX houses at UFS place on Mondays from around 18:00. UFS place has the address:

Unga Forskare Stockholm
Polhemsgatan 38
112 30 Stockholm

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Internet Relay Chat

IX has a channel by the name #ix on irc.oftc.net. You’re free to join with any IRC-client or use the webclient below.